Doytao Thai Restaurant Updates Copyright 2017, Doytao Thai Restaurant Doytao Thai Restaurant promotions. Authentic Thai Restaurant Located in NSW, Sydney, Australia. en-us Doytao Thai Restaurant Logo GET $20 GIFT VOUCHER from 21-02-2015 Xm0= Doytao Specials from 01-01-2011 Ww== Doytao Noodle Club from 01-01-2011 WA== Doytao Noodle Club Menu from 01-01-2011 XmQ= 01-05-2016 5 Star Rating on Food and Safety WQ== 01-05-2016 Come and try our new dish! XWU= 18-06-2015 Come and try our Fusion dish! Xmw= 26-01-2015 Doytao Thai continues to use only the freshest XmM= 26-01-2015 Due to popular demand! XmI= 21-01-2015 Order Takeaway & Food Delivery Online XmY= 18-01-2015 Come and try our new dish! XmE= 17-01-2015 Come and try our new dish! XmA= 03-10-2011 Our menu prices have been updated to reflect these tough times. Xmc=